Siemens WDi 1442 EU
front load, 5 kg washing load, power, class A, washing performance B, squeeze –class 1400 rpm, delayed start, protection against leaks water depth 60 cm, w, height 82 cm for embedding, color white,
General characteristics
Installation built-in
Type embedding fully
Download type front
Embed height 82 sm
Boot volume 5 kg
Drying False
Management type electronic
Volume boot dryers 2.5 kg
Display type Digital
Display backlight True
Touchscreen display True
Color white
Color White
Classes of efficiency and energy consumption
Energy efficiency class B
Washing class A
–Class B
Energy consumption 0.81 kWh/kg
Water consumption 95 l
Choice of speed of spin False
Extraction speed 1400 rev/min
Protection against leaks False
Type of protection against leaks full
Balance control False
Controlling the level of foam False
Washing wool programme False
Program washing delicate fabrics False
Express laundry False
Other functions and features
Delayed start False
Time delay start 24 ч
Lighting drum True
•Feeding Lucas 30 sm
Opening hatch to 180 degrees True
Half load True
Signal the end of wash False
Dimensions and weight
Width 60 sm
Height 82 sm
Depth 60 sm
Bubble washing True

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